How to use samples ?
  1. Download the archive in your preferred format.
  2. Uncompress in a directory available through your web server. For example : /var/www/stphplib/samples.
  3. Open the file stphlibconf.php in the directory of the example and make the appropriate changes. Tipically you must set this two variables :
      sets this variable to the complete path where you have installed the library.
      Typically : /var/www/stphplib, where /var/www/ is the root dir of your web server.
      sets this variable to the path where js files are available through your web server.
      Typically : /stphplib/js if your installation path is /var/www/stphplib
  4. Open your browser and request the main file of the example.
Title : Window Simple
Description : This is a first example to use STPHPLib.
It creates a simple application with a main window and some components in it : a checkbox group, a radiogroup and a listbox.
The attributes of the components are stored in a xml file (wndsimple.xml) and read by STXMLDoc component.
The main file is : wndsimple.php.
If you have installed the library and the example as described above, you should see the sample at the link : http://localhost/stphplib/samples/simple/wndsimple.php.
Downloads Source code Demos
Download simple.tgz
Source code appsimple.phps
Source code wndsimple.phps
Conf wndsimple.xml
Demo Demo 1

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