What's STPHPLib ?
STPHPLib is a suite of software components for developing object oriented and web based applications. It is an open-source framework written in PHP language.
It encapsulates the common GUI controls like : checkbox, radiobutton, toolbars and so on, not present in HTML language in PHP objects to create sophisticated web applications.
You can store the attributes of the objects in XML files and read they with the STPHPXMLDoc & STPHPXMLElement objects.
The style of the components and pages are defined throgh CSS files.
With the use of CSS files and XML files you can add support for themes to your applications.

Support !
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18 November 2002
Version 0.8.0 (Hammer).

Rewritten rendering engine
Now the code that renders the components is more readable and understandable.
Completely revisited the management of the attributes of every component.

Correctly implemented all the destructors
Now every component destroy its resources and all its child components.

Whole library checked with : error_reporting(E_ALL)

A lot of bugs fixing and improvements

Whole library documented with phpDocumentator
The classes documentation is available in the Docs section.

03 November 2002
Version 0.7.0 (Phoenix).
Added 3 new cool components :
  • STPHPPanel (with title)
  • STPHPTabPanel
  • STPHPTabTitle (component for tabs of TabPanel)
With these components you can implement cool tab pages in your web applications.

Implemented localization support !
The localization engine is based on XML files and is available through STPHPLocale class. The engine uses STPHPXMLDoc and STPHPXMLElement to read the configurations files.
The localization engine can be used also separate from STPHPLibrary as well as for classes for XML management files.
The keys file and a values file for every language must be present for every language you want to localize you application.
The English language is used as keys values.
Take a look at the Samples section.

WndSimple WndSimple

31 October 2002
Version 0.6.0 (Phoenix).
Added 4 new components :
  • STPHPEdit
  • STPHPEditWithCaption
  • STPHPTextArea
  • STPHPTextAreaWithCaption
Added support for effect "button pressed" in the STPBtnImage component.
Bugs fixing and code clean up.
And most important : added support for themes !
Take a look at the Samples section.

WndSimple WndSimple

Next feature planned is localization support through XML files.

25 October 2002
The class diagram is now available in the Docs section.
Take a look at the screenshot above :
STPHPLibrary class diagram

23 October 2002
Version 0.5.1 (Phoenix).
Added 6 new components :
  • STPHPButton
  • STPHPBtnImage
  • STPHPRichButton
  • STPHPToolbar (with flat option)
  • STPHPImage
  • STPHPImageWithCaption
The storing of components attributes in the xml file has been extended : you can list the attributes as tag's attributes or as simple elements contained in the tag <attributes>.
The components attributes can be specified indifferently in lower or uppercase.
All these new features have been inserted in the WndSimple example in the Samples section.

Take a look at the screenshot : WndSimple

20 October 2002
A first preliminary new version of STPHPLib is out : version 0.5, code name Phoenix.
Some expensive features are removed. Now the code is smaller and faster.
Not all controls are yet ported from the previous versions, but we consider to terminate the porting in the next weeks. New controls not present in the previous versions will be added.
Download the library from the Downloads section, uncompress the archive in a directory available through your web server and start with the Window Simple example in the Samples section.

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